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Hi there and welcome to my site, thank you so much for popping in – I hope you feel inspired by my recipes and feel motivated to go and create some of your own tasty juices or smoothies!

These days so many of us are actually malnourished through lack of vitamins and minerals. There is masses of food out there that is processed, heat treated and all of the goodness is gone. I myself found that I was seriously lacking in the energy department – I was tired all the time, bloated and severely lethargic. Since I discovered the world of juicing and smoothies, my life has honestly done a 180! With a decent diet in check and one super green, or super detoxifying home made juice or smoothie each day I now find that my energy levels are the highest they’ve ever been, my skin and eyes look so much brighter and my mood in general is a lot less stressed and angry!

I am a true believer that what you put in your body has an effect of the outside. So take a look around the site, find some recipes you think you may like and give them a try – there are no gimmicks or ridiculously expensive, hard to get ingredients used in any of my recipes so everyone should be able to make them!

I am not a nutritional expert, nor do I ever claim to be – but hopefully you will find some great-tasting recipes on my site, as well as how to use ingredients that are damn good for you!

I’m also going to help out all of those smoothie fans who are just starting out, with product reviews and my recommendations for the best smoothie maker and juicers on the market!

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