Magic Bullet Blender vs VonShef Smoothie Maker

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Magic Bullet Vs VonShef Blender Smoothie

VonShef and Magic Bullet are two brands that you may well have heard of before. However, when we delve a little deeper into the history of these brands, we see that they are two pretty different companies. VonShef is an all round kitchen brand, that aims to provide top quality kitchen appliances to its customers in order to make their lives easier. VonShef kitchen appliances range from latte glasses to food mixers, also encompassing (yes, you guessed it!) blenders and juicers. The VonShef Smoothie Maker is part of a wider range of kitchenware from this brand, then, that includes everything from food storage tubs to wooden spoons, and from whisks to graters.

I’ll say it now – I’m going to use blender, juicer and smoothie maker interchangeably here… purely because these machines are incredibly versatile.

Magic Bullet, on the other hand, is a brand that specialises in juicers, blenders and smoothie makers. Not only this: the original Magic Bullet machine was an all in one device that you could use to blend everything from a soup to a smoothie, and that you could rev up to chop up some chunky carrots one minute and then use to extract the juice from some delicate wheatgrass the next. The Magic Bullet brand has since branched out into the creation of specialised, separate devices for juicing, blending and smoothie making, though.

I think one thing is very clear here: we are dealing with two different brands that have approached the juicer from two very different angles. So which of these products will be better for your needs? Below, you will find an in depth comparison of the various key features of these two devices, to see how they measure up to each other.

The Battle Of The (Smoothie) Machines

Magic Bullet Blender
Magic Bullet Blender
Most Magic Bullet products have a sleek, streamlined look to them, and the Magic Bullet Blender is no different. This is a juicer shaped like a compact capsule and it has a very fresh and modern feel. In fact, one of the main selling points of this juicer is the fact that it takes up less space on your kitchen counter that a coffee cup does! Another one of the first things that you notice about this juicer is the numerous attachments that it comes with! I’ll get to those below. But, it is worth noting at this point that some users of this smoothie maker find it pretty hard to work out how to put all of the attachments together and use them.
VonShef Fruit Smoothie Blender
VonShef Fruit Smoothie Blender
By contrast, the VonShef Smoothie Maker, on the other hand, has the look of a classic blender: a solid base that is plugged in to the mains and a detachable transparent jug on top where all the blending and juicing gets done. In contrast to the Magic Bullet product, this smoothie maker from VonShef is one that is proud to take up space, boasting a large capacity of 1.7 litres. The VonShef device has a bold red hue which gives it a nice and jazzy effect. Going simply on looks, if you want something ultra modern (and even futuristic looking) and very compact, which may be a bit of a challenge to assemble but which has a lot to offer, then the Magic Bullet Juicer is the way to go. If you prefer to stick with that classic blender format that we all know is very simple to use, then try the VonShef.

Blending Power

The Magic Bullet Juicer is very versatile. It has different settings, so it can chop, blend, grate and juice. In addition, there is a little filter that can be added in to the body of the juicer in order to catch any skin and pips. Some people find the motor of this juicer a little noisy when it is blending, however.

The VonShef has very user friendly controls. Simply pour your ingredients into the transparent jug and then press the button on the base that best suits your needs. You can opt for ‘blend’, ‘pulse’, ‘chunky soup’, ‘smooth soup’ and more (the soup options can of course apply to smoothies as well). This is a powerful and simple blender and as such it is ideal for making smoothies. However, it does not have a juicing function like the Magic Bullet Juicer, so if you like to extract the juices from grasses and herbs as opposed to simply blending up fruits, yoghurts, milks and more into a delicious smoothie, this is probably not the device for you.

Additional Blender Features

Each of these devices offers some handy little features that will make your life easier. The Magic Bullet Juicer, for example, has a resealable lid which means that you can store the smoothies that you have made in the fridge. Or, you can use the handled smoothie mug to take your smoothie over to your favourite chair to enjoy. Another alternative is to reach for the flip top mug that comes with this device, and which you can use to enjoy your smoothie whilst you are out and about and on the go. This smoothie maker from Magic Bullet definitely reminded me of one of those Russian Matryoshka dolls: each time that you look deeper inside it you discover another convenient little contraption for enjoying your smoothie to the max.

The VonShef product has several handy safety controls built in to prevent things like overspill. I think perhaps the nattiest thing about the VonShef smoothie maker, though, is the fact that it can be used for all sorts of weird and wonderful specialised sauces and cooking needs. For example, it can also double up as a soya maker and an egg boiler. So, I know I said that this was the more simple of the two smoothie makers. And, I still stand by that judgement as this is definitely the easiest juicer to use out of the two under comparison here. However, this item by VonShef can do some very complicated and specialised things in the kitchen if you want it to.

Which Blender Should You Buy?

The VonShef Smoothie Maker and the Magic Bullet Juicer look and feel very different to each other. I’d recommend the Magic Bullet if you want to make smoothies that include freshly extracted juices and if you want a juicer that does not take up too much space in the kitchen. In addition, this smoothie maker comes with a brilliant array of mugs, storage devices and travel cups which you can use to make storing and drinking your smoothies as easy as can be. If you are looking for a kitchen appliance with an ultra cool aesthetic, then this is almost definitely the device for you.

Having said that… I would recommend the VonShef product for anyone who wants something that is powerful and capacious but with a very simple design. One of the key strengths of this product is the fact that it can do some pretty complex and varied things but all you need to do is to push the right button. This is also a very versatile device, which will blend you up a thick and chunky soup one minute and boil you up an egg the next (I know, right…).


Whichever of these smoothie makers you choose, though, you will find that they both make wonderful smoothies! At the end of the day, there is very little between them, it might simply come down to giving both a test drive if you’re lucky enough to have friends who have both of these blenders. Check out my guide for beginners if you need more info! Happy smoothie making!


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